BYU-Idaho study course work completed in 2004

This class is a data structures class. Here I learned a great deal more about actual real programming. This was one of the first real classes that I gained a much better and deeper understanding of real development.
See my Github repo: CS235


BYU-Idaho study course work completed in 2003

Before this class I had a fairly solid understanding of basic programming principles and skills. I had followed a self-directed educational program and learned the ANSI C Programming language. Here was my first experience into C++ and Object Oriented programming. I actually skipped the prerequisite class for CS165 which was CS124. After reviewing CS124 it was way too basic for me. So instead, I got an A grade in CS165 and requested a vertical credit for CS124.
See my Github repo: CS165

GEDCOM SQL Database Import Process

The first question is what is a GEDCOM file? Answer: A GEDCOM file is a genealogical database flat file that contains familial relational data and information typically for family history research. These files were popular with various programs such as Family Tree and Personal Ancestral File. One of the projects that I worked on with a group of friends was attempting to create a family history and social media website called FamilyKey. One of the primary challenges was getting the ancestral data uploaded to the web and it was my task to import the data into the database. After users created their account they could then upload their GEDCOM file to create a family history tree based website. The process that I created read and then inserted into the database the records and relational links to family members so the website could display the content and familial links on the web. Sadly, the company Kumusoft and its partnership failed and the project was shutdown.

In this solution I wanted to parse and process the file in a single pass, attempting to make this the most efficient as possible additionally the relational linkage had to reestablished following a parent / child structure. As I processed the data I created individual node records using a simple linked list for each person found in the data and then after parsing I found and established the relationships between each person with the appropriate parent / child relationship. All of this information was eventually inserted into the database using manual scripting and OLEDB connection and scripted database calls.

Misc Projects

This collection of C and C++ code examples represents my personal study and development in programming on my own without the aid of having taken any formal classes or courses in development or programming. This unique look at my learning process and what and how I approached problems early on highlights my tenacity to learn and the hunger I had to become a software engineer.

This repository contains a collection of projects that I have created that show understanding of coding skills. These projects are intended to be functional and demonstrate understanding in the concept area highlighted but are not intended to be inclusive of a fully functional product. These are proof of concept and skills exposé coding projects.

These were written early when I was still learning programming from my early teens to my early twenties representing time approx from 1990 to 1999. My first few programs were written in Basic, then Pascal, and finally in ANSI C. I grabbed my dad's programming book and began going through the examples one at a time until I was doing file IO.
See my Github repo: Misc Projects.


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