CS 364

Software Engineering I is designed around creating a large group work experience, which simulates what will be found in the work place within the "real world" outside of college courses. Class members where organized into the following structure throughout the duration of the semester:

  • Product Owner: Instructor
  • Project Manager: Michael Carey
  • Team Leads:
    • Sebastian Calle
    • Landon Shumway
    • Zane West
    • Adam Shumway
  • Contributors:
    • Team 1
    • Jefferson Santos
    • Jacob Keene
    • Joseph Keene
    • Dallin Snell
    • Jonah Green
    • Jonathan Comeau
    • Team 2
    • Fernando Gomez
    • Marcus Rhodes
    • Brian Robertson
    • Austin Golding
    • Micah Wilson
    • Michael Flindt
    • Team 3
    • Aaron Shore
    • Robert Nelson
    • Jason Catmull
    • Kylor Kersavage
    • Tyler Sorenson
    • Marcus Hedgecock
    • Team 4
    • Rex Nesbit
    • Brandon Hartshorn
    • David Harris
    • Keith Wheeler
    • Daniel Craig
    • John Memmott

During this course I was asked to be the Project Manager (PM) for both the first and second halves of the semester. My experience in the course was a bit different than the majority of the class members, in that I managed the project through my team leads and stayed in close communication with the Product Owner. The vast majority of work on the actual documents was completed by my teams. As a part of this course we covered the creation of two specific documents based on the IEEE standards. My teams created two documents during the course the first being a Software Requirements Specification document (SRS) and second was a Software Design Description document (SDD). Lastly, we submitted an Engineering Change Request (ECR) that limited or removed from our original SRS those items that we would focus on in the SDD document for version 1 of our fictional product.

SRS Project

Systems and software engineering - Life cycle processes - Requirements engineering ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148-2011

Our first organized team structure focused on gathering a large list of requirements for a calendar integration application for BYU-Idaho and I-Learn. In discussing with the instructor, as a class we gathered more requirements than any other class he had seen while instructing the class.

SRS Document >>

SDD Project

IEEE Standard for Information Technology - Systems Design - Software Design Descriptions IEEE Std 1016-2009

From the SRS document we chose a handful of requirements that would be fully defined in the SDD. Using this selected list we followed the IEEE specification and defined that selected list of features so that an engineering team could develop the software should it be submitted for actual development.

SDD Document >>

ECR Request

Using the list of requirements we selected we then created and ECR that made an official request to narrow the original scope defined in the SRS and was fully defined in the SDD. This document lists the items that are included in the SDD and which items are excluded from the SDD that were originally cited as features wanted in the SRS document.

ECR Document >>