A Game Empowerment

Develop Software and Mentoring 2016 - Present

A Game Empowerment, LLC. is a custom development company that is creating custom SaaS solutions for a diverse clientele of entrepreneurs and personal development seekers of educational and self-betterment materials and services. The primary website is the company home page and gateway to products and services offered by A Game Empowerment such as eCourses and custom software solutions. As A Game Empowerment grows we will expand into other solutions based services and training that helps every day individual and entrepreneurs. A Game Empowerment's long term goal is to bring the power of Mentoring to the next level through selective use of technological advances in AI and Machine learning where by assisting the Mentor, Coach, or Councilor in their role helping to improve the lives of those clients they are guiding and helping day to day.

Some of the Technologies utilized in its development:

  • Azure Hosted
  • Azure Message Bus
  • C#.NET
  • Entity Framework, Unit of Work, Repository Models
  • PayPal Merchant API
  • RESTful API Web Service
  • Sendgrid
  • SQL Server
  • Twilio
  • WordPress

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